Members of the Texas State Troopers Association are entitled to a very important service: last will and testament drafting. If a member, you have no excuse to not use this service because it is 100% free with your TSTA membership!

A will could be the difference between your family’s peace of mind and utter chaos if you were to pass away. TSTA provides all of their members with free will and testament drafting, provided by former TSTA president, Lee Johnson.

All that is required is for you to send in your information and Johnson takes care of the legal side of it. The basic information he will need is as follows:

  • The names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all parties involved. This will include your spouse and all of your children. Johnson reminds us that almost all of us leave everything to our spouse, with spouse as the executor. In the event that both spouses should pass away together, one of the children or a trusted adult can be names as alternate executor.
  • Make your choice for someone in your family, perhaps your spouse or an adult son or daughter, to have general Power of Attorney over the one that is deceased or incapacitated. This becomes void upon death– and should only be given to a very trusted person and trusted alternate.
  • Decide on someone to be given Medical Power of Attorney over the one who may be incapacitated as to health. This person will be authorized to make medical decisions. Medical power of attorney is activated when declarant is unable to communicate decisions to a health care provider.
  • Select someone to be named Guardian of the family member who may pass away. This person will probably be appointed by the court to make decisions concerning the assets of the deceased. The guardian takes over if declarant is unable to make decisions and becomes void upon death.
  • TSTA attorney Lee Johnson will provide you with a “designation to physicians” form to instruct medical people to not use artificial means to prolong life. It is called a “Living Will.”

One you have sent in the above information, Johnson will put the will together, mail it back to your for approval, and then you are free to notarize it before a witness and rest easy with the knowledge that your affairs will be taken care of regardless of what may or may not happen to you in the future.