Lawsuits and legal problems can be a huge stress and financial burden for those who have to live through it. Being on the job as a Texas State Trooper and member of law enforcement means dealing with scrutiny at times that could lead to possible litigation problems. A membership with the Texas State Troopers Association means having someone on your side if you’re suddenly faced with legal action and are in need of assistance.


In one instance, a state trooper had arrested a driver who was under the influence of a controlled substance. Unfortunately, the driver was the son of a city council official who filed a lawsuit against the law enforcement official. While the state trooper was just doing his job at upholding the law, he was under duress because he took action against an official’s son. The Texas State Troopers Association was able to provide him with legal assistance so that this lawsuit was settled in court.


For just $25 per year, you can receive legal assistance if a lawsuit is filed against you in the good faith performance of your duty.