In the world we live in, there’s no telling what may happen to our homes and belongings. Natural disasters like floods, tornados, and hurricanes can threaten our homes and put a terrible financial burden on any of us. Homeowners insurance is essential, but it often does not cover all of the expenses that come along with having damage done to our homes. Hotel bills and insurance deductibles add up quickly and even the most financially careful individuals can lose money and be put into debt by the overwhelming cost.


Fortunately, the Texas State Troopers Association offers emergency assistance to our members who suffer in a disaster situation. Our assistance check can go toward paying down a deductible or other needed expenses that arise due to a natural disaster.


Many of us have families that we are responsible for providing for and should something happen to us, would put our loved ones in jeopardy. Unfortunately, many Americans live paycheck to paycheck and a couple missed paychecks would put them in dire circumstances. Our members can rest a little easier knowing that their membership with the Texas State Troopers Association could help cover the costs for their families should something happen to them.


Our assistance checks will not assist your loved ones with grief, but it would help them not have to worry about the burden of paying all of the bills on top of losing their loved one. Visit our homepage for more information about the benefits we offer our members.