The holiday season is a time of joy for many people. You have vacation time, get to see and spend quality time with your family, and celebrate Christmas. The holidays are also a time when many accidents can occur, so it’s important to keep your safety in mind when going out shopping, celebrating with family, or going about your regular schedule. The Texas State Troopers Association wants you to be able to enjoy your holidays in comfort and with as little stress as possible, so read on for some tips about staying safe this season.

Pay attention to lights

Fire can be a huge issue during the holidays, so make sure you don’t overload an outlet or use cheap and unsafe decorations. Keep lights away from flammable materials and always turn then off when you aren’t home to prevent overheating.

Keep your home secure

Burglars know people have valuables in their homes close to Christmas and may also have guests constantly going in or out of the house. Consider giving guests a spare key or making sure they realize the importance of keeping the home locked when they leave.

Don’t advertise travel

People travel a lot during the holidays, which makes it a prime time for people to break into homes when the occupants aren’t there. Avoid constantly updating your social media with your location and wait to post travel photos until after you’re home. Also, try setting up a timer in your home that turns your lights on and off if you aren’t there so it doesn’t seem as though your house is completely empty.

Travel safely

Since you’ll probably be traveling to see family or go on vacation, it’s important to do so safely. If driving, never drink and drive, and also avoid driving late at night or in bad weather conditions. If using public transportation, make sure you keep an eye on your belongings and use services you trust.

Watch your kids

Children have a knack for finding trouble; keep all dangerous decorations or objects (like cooking supplies) out of kids’ reach. Make sure you don’t get any presents for kids that could harm them. If in public places with large crowds, teach your kids the importance of staying close to you and avoiding strangers.

Avoid identity theft

While purchasing presents, only buy from trusted websites and designate separate cards for all online and in-store transactions. If something becomes compromised, only one card will be affected and it’ll be easier to locate where and when it occurred. Also, only withdraw money from trusted and well-lit ATMs. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash as well.