In life, there might be times when you feel unsafe. You may even be the victim of a mugging or get caught up in a fight at some point. Even though these events may also never happen to you, it’s beneficial to be prepared in case they do. You can take a full-fledged self defense class, but there are also simple tips you should familiarize yourself with as soon as possible. If you have no experience with self defense, these tips can still help you in a dangerous situation if you learn and remember them. There’s also a list of simple moves you can learn that will help you out.


In any confrontation, the first step you should take is preventing the issue. There are various ways you can do this, such not antagonizing someone who is clearly intoxicated or unstable. If someone is rude to you at the bar or on the street, do not engage them, because it could lead to a physical fight. Always be aware of your surroundings and avoid walking anywhere alone late at night. By traveling in groups, you’re much less likely to be a victim of a mugging or assault.

Use Your Voice

If events do escalate and you’re caught in a physical altercation, first try to frighten off your attacker. Scream, yell “stop”, cry “help”, and show them you aren’t afraid. Just hinting that you’ll put up a fight and make noise will deter some attackers and you’ll be able to get away.

Push Back

If an attacker doesn’t let go after you yell, push back at him and go with the momentum. Show the attacker you aren’t afraid to get physical. If he grabs onto your wrist, arm, or a bag you’re carrying, instead of trying to yank away, let your body go with the force, slam into him, and then attack or pull away. You’ll catch him off guard if you don’t immediately resist and this instant of surprise might be enough to break free and get the advantage.

Aim for Vulnerable Points

Once you get physical with an attacker, it’s important to aim for the vulnerable points. The face is a good place to start, with the eyes, ears, and nose. You can grab and pull on someone’s ears and nose and poke her in the eyes. These simple moves will incapacitate her and allow you to run away. Another vulnerable point is the groin, particularly for men. Remember, don’t kick with your foot or knee, instead use your shin, which is hard bone and has a lot of surface area to do more damage. You can also go after an attacker’s knees, which are hard to protect. If you kick someone’s knee from the side, he’ll fall to the ground. If you hit hard enough, you’ll do enough damage so that he can’t pursue you.