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Supporting active and retired members of the Texas Department of Public Safety

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The Texas State Troopers Association (TSTA) is a voluntary labor organization of commissioned officers and retirees of the Texas Department of Public Safety.


Our core team of Board of Directors, Executive Staff, and Legislative Consultants have created a strong foundation of support, advocacy, and financial assistance to state troopers for over 25 years. Our membership, which consists of current or former commissioned members of the Department of Public Safety, has fostered a stronger sense of unity and representation among state troopers. The mission of our organization has always been to better the lives of our Texas State Troopers, both active and retired members. 

The Texas State Troopers Association cares about the community and we offer safety tips and health information both on this site and in our monthly newsletter that is sent electronically to our members.

Being a member of the Texas State Troopers Association means receiving some worthwhile benefits for fellow officers and their families during times of crisis, legal troubles, or death. Additionally, membership also means contributing to the continuation of representation at the Texas State Legislature. Many issues regarding law enforcement officials and state troopers come across the desk of state legislatures, and TSTA has and will continue to put the needs of their members and the needs of nonmembers working for the Texas State Department of Public Safety (DPS) first. Issues such as pension, overtime, and other worthwhile issues that are discussed in the Texas legislature are weighed in on by the leaders of the Texas State Troopers Association. We are always on the lookout to push for bills that would be to the benefit, not only to our members but also to the rest of the active and retired officers that put their lives on the line every single day.

What do your Texas State Trooper Association membership dues cover?

Many benefits go along with being a member of the Texas State Troopers Association. Not only are you helping our organization to flourish in the community, you’re also helping members that need assistance.


Legal counsel and representation

in matters related to the good faith performance of your duty as a law enforcement officer


Death/disaster service

In 2015 TSTA paid out $19,000 in benefits and in 2016 has already paid $16,500 thru the month of May


TSTA Monthly Newsletter

Being a member also gives you access to TSTA’s monthly newsletter so you can stay up to date on current issues facing this organization.


Advocacy before the Texas Legislature


Accidental death and dismemberment insurance

and free preparation of a Last Will and Testament


Personal counsel in times of crisis and stress

Ways the Texas State Troopers Association is Making a Difference

Our members are always looking for ways to help the community.

We go out of our way to find problems and solve them on behalf of Texas law enforcement. Whether we tackle issues of logistics, finance, or morale, they all carry their weight in the overall well-being of troopers– and we treat them with the importance that they deserve.


Texas State Troopers Association’s recent work with the DPS Capitol Police:

  • Our Legislative Consultant Deborah Ingersoll recently coordinated a renovation project for the DPS off-duty check-in room in the state’s capitol in Austin. Through her efforts, we have been able to fund numerous remodeling and refurbishing efforts.
  • We helped pay for permanent signs on the Longview highway when it was renamed after Texas Ranger Glenn Elliott, who helped keep it safe for 38 years.
  • During a Performance Readiness Training(PRT) test by the Texas Department of Public Safety, a trooper suffered a massive fatal coronary while using a rowing machine. As of this date, TSTA has purchased 70 rowers and given them to troopers around the state so that they can better prepare prior to the tests.


Our organization honors our fallen State Troopers

Ever since the founding of our organization in 1984, the Texas State Troopers Association believes that honoring our fallen comrades is an essential mission. One of the ways we honor our fallen is by supporting the efforts of Don Metcalf of Katy, Texas who makes sure that when a state trooper is killed in the line of duty, a memorial stone is placed near the occurrence. By memorializing the sacrifice a state trooper made, it gives the community a time to reflect on their service, while honoring their life and giving the family of the officer some peace.

Another way we honor of State Troopers who were killed in the line of duty is by sponsoring memorial highways in the name of those who died protecting their community, like Glenn Elliott. Glenn Elliott was a member of the Texas Department of Public Safety as a Texas Ranger and for 38 years, he worked tirelessly to keep the Longview Highway safe and protect those on the road. When he died in 2012 at the age of 86, Glenn’s dedication as a Texas Ranger needed to be remembered and reflected upon. The road was renamed after Glenn by the efforts of State Representative David Simpson, and the Texas State Troopers Association was proud to help provide the signs that would be placed on the north and south tips of the highway. For more information about Glenn Elliott’s illustrious career as a Texas Ranger, please visit the here to see the interview with Glenn by the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame.

Over the past several years, we have had the privilege to help other organizations that provide support and awareness to important issues relating to law enforcement. Some of the important causes include theTexas Peace Officers Memorial Ride, the annual Police Unity Tour, and the Javier Arana, Jr. Fallen Trooper Memorial Run.

We have taken on the duty of protecting and representing state troopers when it matters most– and keeping up with the good and honest work that troopers do every single day for the state of Texas.

Follow this site to learn more about us and to stay in the loop about news and other matters related to state troopers and check out our other sites to read more about our community work and news about the Texas legislature.